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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 23:11

Facebook bans British far-right groups and their leaders

Facebook has banned a number of far-right groups and their leaders in the United Kingdom after determining that they ‘spread hate’.

The social network announced Thursday that it had imposed bans on the British National Party, the English Defence League, Knights Templar International and the National Front.

Seven individuals associated with the groups were also banned, including for British National Party leader Nick Griffin as well as Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First.

Facebook said the groups had been removed under a policy that bans ‘those who proclaim a violent or hateful mission or are engaged in acts of hate or violence.

“Individuals and organisations who spread hate, or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are, have no place on Facebook.” The social network added in a statement.

The ban includes:

  • The British National Party and its ex-leader Nick Griffin
  • Britain First, it’s leader Paul Golding ad former deputy leader Jayda Fransen
  • English Defence League and its founding member Paul Ray
  • Knights Templar International and its promoter Jim Dowson
  • National Front and its leader Tony Martin
  • Jack Renshaw, a neo-Nazi who plotted to murder a Labour MP

A spokesman for Facebook clarified what would now be done to the pages, the groups and the individuals had run on its site. All those named would be prevented from having a presence on any Facebook service.

In addition, praise and support for the groups or named individuals would no longer be allowed.

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