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Wednesday, 24 July 2024 – 23:19

Previewing a week in politics – three things to watch out for

Extinction Rebellion 

Despite all the political turmoil still ongoing in the United Kingdom, it is Extinction Rebellion who are likely to dominate this week’s headlines. The climate change activist organisation started two weeks of protests on Monday by shutting down the routes into Westminster.

The group are attempting to block all traffic into Westminster, by blocking major roads and bridges, including Westminster bridge. This last location has drawn criticism for its proximity to Guys and St Thomas’ hospital, which could result in difficulties accessing the hospital. The group have said that they will have conversations with those trying to get through and in some circumstances allow access, but for many critics, this is not enough.

They are protesting the continued involvement of the UK government in fossil fuel exploration, despite committing to a net-zero by 2050 carbon target.

Boris’ Brexit last stand

It wouldn’t be British politics without Brexit and this week is likely to see a clear indication of whether we’re getting a new deal, no deal or another extension. After Boris Johnson sent his Brexit plan to Brussels many European leaders claimed it was not good enough, with Leo Varadkar and Emmanuel Macron leading this chorus.

Macron has given the prime minister another week to send a suitable alternative, likely an updated version of the plan he just sent, allowing for a potential agreement to be reached shortly. However, failure to do this or the rejection by Parliament of another deal will likely see Boris Johnson forced to seek a delay, or devise a cunning plan involving possibly collapsing the government in order to force through no deal.

Trump’s impeachment heating up

News has broken for a while now that the House Democrats have opened impeachment proceedings into the president of the United States. This week has already seen another whistleblower come out over the Ukranian bribery phone call, with Trump also seemingly pleading with China to interfere illegally in the proceedings during an interview.

Likely we will see increasing desperation from the president as more wrongdoing comes to light, with his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo having to admit his presence on the phone call in recent days. The process will hot up this week and likely only see the president increasingly infuriated.

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