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UK to participate in EU elections

UK to participate in EU elections

Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington has confirmed that EU elections will go ahead in the UK on May 23.

The government had originally hoped to pass a Brexit deal before the elections took place, in an effort to avoid them, but has admitted this is now unlikely. On 20 May, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said holding European Elections would be "unacceptable". Elections will now take place, though MEPs elected may not take up their seats in the EU Parliament if a Brexit deal is passed in the near future.

There are just hours left to register to vote in the EU elections, with the deadline at 23:59 on Tuesday 7 May 2019.

  • Registering to vote now will allow you to have your say on Brexit on May 23. While the EU elections are by no means a second referendum, there are anticipated to send a strong message to the government and parliament about the feelings of voters on the current Brexit deadlock.
  • New parties - Change UK and the Brexit Party are expected to attract support at the EU elections. Young people registering to vote today could have a key impact in shaping the results one way or another.

There are many other reasons to register to vote;

  • Through time, people have fought and died for the right to vote, and still do in some countries - for this reason, we should respect our right to vote and use it in honour of those that have fought for it.
  • Only voting will truly allow you to have your say and make a direct change - registering to vote is the first step in allowing you to do this
  • You don't have to like politicians or politics in order to vote - you are simply expressing your opinion 
  • By not voting, yourself and your opinions do not count in polls, and are unlikely to be recognised by politicians - if you don't vote, things that you do not like will probably not change.
  • It's your money that is being spent - have your say on how it is spent!
  • Registering to vote could even help to improve your credit score


The deadline to register to vote is 23:59 on Tuesday 7 May - don't miss out.


Cover Image: Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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