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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 21:50

Europe’s borders to close from Tuesday lunchtime, says Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced increased travel restrictions amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, with Europe’s borders to close for 30 days.

Speaking on Monday evening in a televised address, President Macron said;

“All trips between non-European countries and the EU and the Schengen zone will be suspended for 30 days.”

The restrictions are to begin at noon on Tuesday. The French President also warned French people that “movements will be very strongly reduced” for 15 days, saying the measures were necessary due to people not complying with earlier public health measures and advice to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

French people on holiday will be able to travel back to France and those living abroad may be able to be repatriated.

Restrictions are expected to be introduced from Tuesday on how far people can travel from their homes and for what purpose. Transport is expected to be severely limited and Macron has demanded that companies make it possible for all employees in France to work from home tomorrow.

Mr Macon also announced the government was looking into waiving some tax payments and that it would provide 300 billion euros in loans to companies who needed support.


Photo Credit: European Union


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