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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 04:59

Endurance Swimmer and Ocean Advocate, Lewis Pugh completes English Channel swim

Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh has completed his challenge to swim the 348-mile length of the English channel in support of cleaning up the oceans. Mr Pugh, who is the UN Patron of the Oceans began the challenge on 12 July and has swam from Lands End to Dover in 49 days.

On completion of the swim on Wednesday, Mr Pugh was met by Environment Secretary Michael Gove at Shakespeare Beach. 

Mr Gove described Mr Pugh as “modern day hero” and a “brilliant champion for marine conservation zones”.

Mr Pugh’s campaign, called ‘The Long Swim’ was started to raise awareness of the threat to the UK’s coastal waters from multiple factors, including plastic pollution. Mr Pugh said “We have this one opportunity now to protect the waters around the UK.”

“If we don’t do that there simply won’t be any fish left for our generation. Forget about future generations if we don’t take action right now.”

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