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Thursday, 18 July 2024 – 19:06

Elections galore: A week in preview

The UK

After the collapse of Brexit discussions between Labour and the Conservatives, it seems unlikely that there will be much movement on the current deadlock coming from parliament.

However, this week also sees the European Parliament elections, which will likely hand the biggest change in the Brexit process for some time.

Given current polling data, it seems as though this week is likely to hand a substantial victory to the Brexit party, who support no policies other than putting no deal back on the table.

The party look set to gain over 20% of the vote, potentially higher than the vote for both Labour and the Conservatives combined, as according to some polls.

This is likely to hand a renewed mandate for Brexit, with some stating that it would confirm that the public mood has not shifted on Brexit since 2016, but more importantly suggests that many could stomach no deal.

However, this could be complicated by the fact that polling data currently suggests that the parties backing remain could receive more support than those backing leave. With a collapse in the Conservative and UKIP vote, it is entirely possible that the overt remain parties (Greens, Liberal Democrats and Change UK) could secure more of the vote, muddling this mandate.

What is clear is that the two major parties are going to be handed yet another trouncing, likely even worse than their vote collapse in the local elections earlier this month.


Malawi also goes to the polls this week, on Tuesday. The election is likely to see incumbent President Peter Mutharika – who has been in office since 2014 – retain his power. The election will see two main rivals to Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party, with his Vice President running for office, after leaving the DPP last year.

Mutharika is also facing a challenge from Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress party. Chakwera is endorsed by the former President Joyce Banda, who herself had considered running to once again serve as president, but withdrew earlier in the race.

United States

After the archaic abortion laws passed in Georgia last week hit the headlines, Americans and people across the globe have come out to challenge the violation of women’s rights and of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court case that these laws violate.

Since the news broke the lawmakers responsible have faced significant backlash, with some of their former statements about ‘consensual rape’ (a non-existent concept) and abstinence as the only effective form of birth control being reported.

The coming week is likely to see this heat up even more, with outrage right across America. These laws likely violate the United States Constitution and clearly violate women’s rights, and the challenge to them will continue.

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