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Enhancing Education Through The Power Of Digital News Media.

Young people are the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow, and in changing times, it has perhaps never been more important to help young people learn more about politics. Find out how our engaging and understandable content can help your students discover more about how politics works and how it is impacting all our lives.

Young People & Politics

Helping young people understand politics is arguably more important than ever. Politics impacts all of us, everyday, often in small ways we don't even realise. In recent times, politics and political decisions have been impacting us more and more - yet at the same time, politics can quickly become confusing and difficult to understand.

At The Speaker, we're making politics news easier to understand and helping the next generation understand how politics works, how it impacts us and how we can all get involved. 

Teaching young people about politics and how the world works is important - not only because it is a key part of the Citizenship curriculum in schools. Today's young people are the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. Large amounts of the next generation want to stand up and make their voices heard, so impartial, understandable education about politics really can help prepare today's young people for the future.


Our Education Portal

Introducing Our Education Portal, built with both students and teachers in mind - to save teachers time and to enhance students understanding and engagement in politics. Our Portal includes access to all of the following features - click a feature to learn more.

Access to our Education Portal, available from just20pper student, per year

Informative & Interactive News Of The Week Slides

Help explain the week's news to your students with our informative interactive slides and multimedia content.

Interactive News of The Week Slides

Our weekly slides - including explanations of top stories, discussion points, videos, mini-quizzes and accompanied with teaching notes - are ideal for use in the classroom, but are also available through our portal for students to explore further from home.

Educational & Enjoyable Quizzes

Students love interactive quizzes and they're not only fun, but also an engaging tool to help educate the next generation.

Interactive Quizzes

Interactive quizzes are a great way to increase student engagement and interest. 

Our quizzes cover a variety of topics including current affairs and news, how politics works, plus we also have quizzes on various topics from the Citizenship curriculum.

Latest Explainers & Explaining Politics Guides

Access explainers for the latest news, plus guides for how politics and key institutions work in the UK, US and around the world.

Explaining Politics

Through our Education Portal, you and your students can enjoy access to all of our Explaining Politics guides and Latest Explainers

Our guides explain key political concepts, topics and institutions - from how UK elections work, to how a US President is impeached.

Question and Answer Search & Opportunity Discovery

We'll answer students' questions, plus help them to discover opportunities for getting involved in politics and social action.

Questions, Answers & Opportunities

Our Question & Answer section allows teachers and students to search for their questions about politics or particular news stories. If we haven't already answered the question, we'll do our best to find an answer and add it to our search.

From our portal, students can also find out different ways and current opportunities to get involved in politics and social action.

Ideal for Engagement In The Classroom, Learning From Home & Use On The Go On Mobile Devices

Suggested Use

There are many different ways which our Education Portal can be used in order to assist teachers and help students. We recommend a regular, structured use of the features in order to enhance the education of students.

Our interactive News of the Week slides make an ideal weekly form-time or assembly activity and can really help answer students' questions about current events. Our weekly quizzes are a great activity to engage and interest students, while our topic related quizzes can be used as enjoyable additions to Citizenship and related lessons.  

Our Portal's other features including Explainers, Guides and Question & Answer search can be valuable resources for either use in the classroom or for students to explore in their own time as extra reading and discovery.

Our Portal and it's features are designed to be accessible on desktop and mobile devices to allow optimal use in different settings.

Helping young people learn more about politics has possibly never been more important.

Why The Speaker?

Here at The Speaker, we are enhancing education through the power of digital news media. We're a youth-driven media company on a mission to inspire the next generation in politics. Our impartial reporting, explainers and interactive content are used, valued and trusted every week by growing audiences across the UK & beyond.

What is your pricing and do you offer any discounts?

Access to our Education Portal starts from 20p per student for schools with 500 students or more. We believe this is excellent value for money - we can though offer multi-year discounts and discounts for multi-academy trusts. Access is available for teachers at no additional charge.

Request A Free Trial

We'd love to provide you with a demo and trial of our Education Portal and its different features. If you would like somebody to email or phone you back to discuss and to setup a free trial, please complete the short form and somebody will be in contact soon (usually within 24 hours).

If you have any other questions, please email us - we look forward to hearing from you.

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