The Speaker
Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 21:40

Early votes in Texas show Biden making gains, but will it be enough?

Early results from Texas show that Joe Biden has gained significant ground on what Hillary Clinton achieved in 2016.

Across many of the counties that have currently announced their results, Biden has been gaining on average of 5-8%, suggesting that he could flip the state.

With Florida having now been declared for Trump, Texas could be one of the clearest routes for Biden to secure a majority in the Electoral College. Texas is worth 38 Electoral College votes, the second most of any state, meaning that a Biden victory there will mean that Donald Trump has likely no path to victory.

Texas has been a consistently Republican state for decades, with Jimmy Carter being the last Democrat to win the state, in 1976.”>November


As recently as 2012, the Republicans won the state by more than double figures, and Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton there by 9%.

Although these early results do not guarantee a Biden victory in the state, they are a clear indicator that Texas has, at the very least, become a swing state.

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