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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 – 19:53

Dutch schools to reopen from next month, while other lockdown restrictions extended

The Dutch government announced on Tuesday that it will ease some of its Coronavirus lockdown measures, including by reopening primary schools and childcare centres.

Primary schools will be allowed to reopen ‘fully or partially’ on May 11 with smaller groups of pupils, while secondary schools will be able to reopen on June 1, but only if they can effectively enforce social distancing measures. Other lockdown rules are set to remain in place through until at least late May.

Speaking on Tuesday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “the corona crisis is one of the biggest, most far-reaching and most threatening periods that any of us will ever experience”.

Like many other world leaders, Mr Rutte said it would be dangerous to ease lockdown measures too quickly. He said the government will extend the closure of restaurants and bars until at least May 20, and that events, including football competitions, would be banned until the start of September.

Over 34,100 cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus have been confirmed in the Netherlands since the start of March. 3,916 are confirmed to have died in the country after contracting the Coronavirus.

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