The Speaker
Monday, 24 June 2024 – 07:52

DUP MP suspended for 30 days

Ian Paisley was voted to be suspended by fellow MPs from the Democratic Unionist Party for 30 days following his breach of parliamentary conduct.

The North Antrim MP will be suspended from the 4th of September.

He failed to declare two family holidays which were provided and paid for by the government of Sri Lanka. Due to this, he will not be present for some key Brexit negotiations and votes.

In addition, he was suspended from the Democratic Unionist Party until further notice “pending further investigation into his conduct”.

Mr Paisley is could face a by-election in Northern Ireland if enough constituents voted for it.

If the drawn up petition obtains 10% of the North Antrim constituents’ signatures, then it will lead to a by-election.

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House, has deemed the situation “a regrettable state of affairs”.

Mr Paisley’s actions were referred to by Sir Kevin Baron, chair of the Standards Committee, as “serious” and he also stated that it could discredit the integrity of the House of Commons.

Sir Kevin Baron also stated: “The process could have been considerably shorter if Mr Paisley had been more cooperative initially.” Referring to previous suspicions of Paisley’s parliamentary misconduct.

Paisley is facing the longest parliamentary suspension since 1949, according to the Commons’ library.

He has established that in the event of a by-election, he would fight for his seat.

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