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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 18:50

Drinks Party at Number 10 as PM hopes to win support for her Brexit Deal

In a statement to the House of Commons, the Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay gave a ‘guarantee’ that the vote on the PM’s Brexit deal will take place next week. 

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn asked an urgent question in Parliament on Monday afternoon on whether the Prime Minister had managed to secure changes to her Brexit deal after the original vote on the deal was delayed last month. However, Theresa May was not in the Commons this afternoon to answer the question, and so Mr Barclay stood in to deputise the PM.

The Brexit Debate is due to resume in the House of Commons on Wednesday. The Brexit Secretary told MPs that the Government “will be clear with the House what has been achieved since the vote was deferred last year”.

Mr Corbyn responded saying, “With less than three months until we reach the Article 50 deadline, there can be no more hiding and no more running away.” Furthermore, the Labour leader criticised no-deal preparations and urged the Prime Minister to tell MPs the legal assurances received over the backstop issue. “The government is fooling nobody, these shambolic preparations are too little, too late”, commented Mr Corbyn.

The Prime Minister spent Monday in Liverpool launching the new NHS 10-year plan. On Monday evening, she will be hosting a drinks party at Number 10 as she attempts to win support for Brexit deal. Boris Johnson was seen to enter Number 10, along with other Tory MPs critical of the Brexit deal.

Sources are suggesting the vote on the Brexit deal will take place next Tuesday, on the 15 January.

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