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Wednesday, 24 July 2024 – 22:07

Diesel scandal lands Porsche £458m fine

Luxury car giant Porsche has been fined £458m for “negligent violations” of duties which enabled the cheating of diesel emissions tests.

It is reported the German carmaker was involved in the Audi and VW diesel scandal uncovered in 2015, after having used car engines made by the two companies.

The scandal was exposed by US regulators who identified the cheating of emissions tests, however, Porsche stated they have never developed or produced diesel engines. 

In Stuttgart, prosecutors issued the huge fine to the sportscar brand – which is owned by Volkswagen – after finding “negligent breaches of supervisory duties” at the company. 

And Porsche seems keen to divert attention from itself, with the scandal costing Volkswagen €30bn so far since 2015.

A statement from the carmaker said: “Concluding the proceedings is another important step towards ending the diesel topic.”

It was also announced last week by the company’s chief financial officer that Porsche’s quarterly profits had slumped by 10 per cent.


Now, along with VW, Audi, Nissan and BMW, Porsche has admitted responsibility for manipulating and cheating tests so cars appeared less polluting.

Porsche has not filed an appeal against the fine. 

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