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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 08:00

Deal or No Deal? The Latest Developments From Brexit on Wednesday

The British Pound climbed on Wednesday after the EU’s cheif negotiator indicated that he was close to offering the UK a deal. According to the Financial Times, Mr Barnier was quoted by Reuters as saying “We are prepared to offer a partnership with Britain such as has never been with any other third country.”

However, the Cabinet Office minister, David Lidington warned just hours earlier that the only alternative to Theresa May’s Chequers plan is a no-deal Brexit. Mr Lidington warned that relations between France and Britain are at “a fork in the road”, with ministers expressing concerns that the French government remains sceptical about various parts of the Brexit approach set out in the white paper released last month.

Mr Lidington, who is effectively Theresa May’s deputy, delivered a speech in France on Wednesday afternoon where he said;

“With exactly seven months until the end of the article 50 process and less than two months ahead of the October European council we face the choice between the pragmatic proposals we are discussing now with the European Commission, or no deal.”


Deal or No Deal? It appears we’re not much closer to finding out.

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