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Friday, 24 May 2024 – 23:53

Daily reported coronavirus cases fall in UK for sixth consecutive day

The UK has reported a fall in new coronavirus cases for a sixth consecutive day – with 24,950 cases reported on Monday.

The number of new cases being reported on a daily basis has now been falling each day since last Tuesday (20 July), when 46,558 cases were reported in a single day. In the days previous to that, 54,674 cases were reported on 17 July, which was the highest daily case figure since January.

The falling case rate will spark some optimism, after warnings that the UK could face 100,000 cases a day this summer.

A total of 129,158 deaths have been reported in the UK within 28 days of a positive coronavirus up to yesterday – today’s data has been delayed due to a technical problem.

46,589,211 people in the UK have now had at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, while 37,287,384 people have also received a second dose.


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