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Saturday, 2 December 2023 – 02:12

Could More Funding For The NHS Be On The Horizon?

New funding for the NHS could be on the horizon, following the NHS staff pay rise announced last week.

Health & Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Peston on Sunday dismissed a Sunday Times report about a new £4 billion funding boost as ”speculation” – however Hunt, did not deny the report’s other points that he is pushing within Government for increased spending on the health service.

Hunt said that new funding will either need to come from growth in the economy or increased taxation. Reports have suggested in the last week that UK citizens would back a new tax towards putting more money into the NHS.

Hunt said he is not against increasing spending on the NHS, but he wants extra money to be put to good use.


Would you back an increase in taxation to help fund the NHS? Share with us your thoughts. 

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