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Saturday, 20 April 2024 – 21:45

Corbyn would back a second Brexit vote – but would prefer a general election

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would back a second Brexit vote, but would personally prefer a general election.

A new poll states that more than 85% of Labour members think voters should get a say on any final Brexit deal. 

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Mr Corbyn said:

“What comes out of conference I will adhere to. But I’m not calling for a second referendum. I hope we will agree that the best way of resolving this is a general election.”

“But I was elected to empower the members of the party. So if conference makes a decision I will not walk away from it and I will act accordingly.”

Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson told the newspaper, “Jeremy and I were elected in 2015 to give the Labour Party back to its members.”

“So if the people’s party decide they want the people to have a final say on the deal, we have to respect the view of our members and we will go out and argue for it.”


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