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Friday, 12 April 2024 – 11:51

Corbyn proposes paid digital version of BBC to rival tech giants

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has said that he plans to create a digital version of the BBC as part of his vision for British Digital Corporation (BDC) which will be paid for by tech giants.

At the Edinburgh TV Festival, he spoke about the “failing” news media in the UK as being “the least trusted press in Europe.”

The labour leader revealed that this “ambitious idea” would be part of the BBC as a “sister organisation” and could rival Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The BDC would be funded via a joining fee by the public and from tech giants and internet providers.

“Imagine an expanded iPlayer giving universal access to licence fee payers for a product that could rival Netflix and Amazon.”

He proposed that a windfall tax could be imposed on tech giants which will go towards public interest journalism.

The “public interest media fund” would receive its funding through either content sharing and advertising which will be done through Google or would be paid for by the public.

Corbyn stated that he aims to have a more involved local media with the resources, “money and time” to work on stories because quality journalism “requires decent pay”.

He stated this in reference to the fact that journalism has become a very low-paid profession with a figure showing that 24% of journalists make less than £20,000 annually.

“The best journalism takes on the powerful, in the corporate world as well as government and helps create an informed public”, said Corbyn.




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