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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 21:59

Conservatives win majority in UK General Election 2019

The Conservative Party has won a large majority in the UK General Election 2019.

Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have proved triumph in the December election, winning their largest majority since 1987. With nearly all seats declared, the Conservatives have won 361 seats – that’s up 47 on the last election. Mr Johnson described the victory as ‘an earthquake’ that has party had created and said that ‘no one can now refute’ his ‘stonking mandate’ to deliver Brexit.

Elsewhere, it has been a very bad night for Labour, who have seen large losses, including in areas which had never before elected a Conservative MP. The party has so far lost 59 seats on 2017, winning just over 200 in total. Jeremy Corbyn has announced he will remain as the MP for Islington North but that he will not lead the Labour Party into another election.

The Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson has lost her seat in Dunbartonshire East to the SNP by just 149 votes. Her party gained Fife North East, St Albans and Richmond Park, but has made losses elsewhere leaving it with just 11 seats.

The SNP have had a very good night in Scotland, and are expected to win 55 seats.

The Brexit Party has failed to win any seats and the Green Party has retained their one seat.


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