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Monday, 24 June 2024 – 07:37

Conservatives launch election manifesto

The Conservatives have unveiled their election manifesto ahead of the UK heading to the polls on December 12.

The party’s leader, Boris Johnson described the manifesto as “a radical agenda” as he launched it in the West Midlands on Sunday. Some key pledges from the manifesto include;

  • Increasing the availability of after school and holiday childcare
  • £2 billion for “the biggest ever pothole-filling programme”
  • Training for 50,000 new nurses
  • Introducing a new £3 billion National Skills Fund to allow adults to retrain
  • Build 40 new hospitals over 10 years
  • End hospital car parking charges for NHS staff on night shifts, disabled and terminally ill patients and their families
  • A lock on tax rates for income tax, national insurance and VAT
  • Deploying 20,000 more police officers to the streets
  • Making sure rail services continue to operate even when there are strikes

You can read the full manifesto on the Conservative Party’s website.

Mr Johnson has also pledged to ‘Get Brexit Done’ by the end of January 2020 saying;

 “Get Brexit done and we can focus our hearts and minds on the priorities of the British people.


The party’s plan to ban all-out rail strikes has been met with dismay by trade unions. The general secretary of the train drivers’ union Aslef, Mick Whelan, said: “The right to strike – to withdraw your labour – is a fundamental human right. We are not slaves. Meanwhile, the general secretary of the RMT union, Mick Cash said;

“Banning strikes is the hallmark of the rightwing junta, not a democratically elected British government. RMT would fight any attempt to strip our members of their basic human rights.”

Boris Johnson was faced with protests on his arrival in the West Midlands, with protestors demanding action on climate change, racist abuse and the NHS. However, a poll this week suggested that the Conservatives could find themselves in power with a 48 seat majority, based on opinions in a survey at this point in the election campaign.


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Photo Credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office via Flickr under licence (CC BY 2.0)

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