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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 07:43

Conservative Party conference gets underway in Manchester

The Conservative Party Conference is underway in Manchester, with the event being the party’s first major in-person gathering since before the coronavirus pandemic.

The conference follows the Labour Party Conference, which took place in Brighton last weekend.

The focus of the Conservative Conference is expected to centre around the Government’s slogan of “Build Back Better”, with Johnson keen to push forward policies of change, recovery and improvement following lockdowns experienced during the coronavirus pandemic. Exactly what “Build Back Better” means is not fully understood, but announcements on tackling climate change, supporting new jobs and social care are thought to be likely to hit the headlines over the coming days.

The Government’s levelling up agenda is also likely to be brought up at the conference, with the Government pledging to invest more into the North. 

Fresh from a cabinet reshuffle, new ministers may also put some of their ideas on show at the conference, during the many speeches, meetings and drinks receptions that will be taking place.

While many will see the conference as containing political opportunities, there are also challenges that the party may have to overcome, with the conference coming during times of an energy crisis, fuel supply issues and significant shortages of HGV drivers. 

Recent announcements on the increases of taxes, the ending of the Universal Credit uplift and the furlough scheme may also spark debate among members at the Conference, including party MPs – despite the Government’s strong majority in the House of Commons.

The conference will include a variety of sessions, speeches and mini-events, through to a speech from party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday. 

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