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The Opportunity

Here at The Speaker, we are looking for a sponsor of our #InspireNextGen campaign.

About #InspireNextGen

We're on a mission to truly inspire the next generation in politics - and #InspireNextGen is our dedicated campaign to achieve just this.

Politics has never been more important, so it is, therefore, essential that people of all ages, but particularly young people understand and engage in politics. Through #InspireNextGen, we explain the politics of different countries, how politics works and how people can get involved.

We publish a range of content at to allow the education of the public about politics, which can quickly become a very confusing topic. We've also interviewed a range of MPs, famous faces and young people with inspiring stories on how they have got involved in politics.

For more information about us, Meet The Speaker here.

Sponsoring #InspireNextGen

Sponsorship of #InspireNextGen is available for 800GBP per calendar year. By sponsoring us, you will be eligible for the following benefits;

  • Your logo on the #InspireNextGen pages on our website, plus on any promotional materials for the campaign.
  • A link to your website, and a short message from your company displayed on our website.
  • Social media posts promoting your company (to be agreed)
  • Enhancements to your brand - the sponsorship will show that you are actively engaging with the community and young people.

This year, we have plans to increase the reach of our #InspireNextGen campaign, which could see possible press coverage of the campaign and your sponsorship.

All of our content in #InspireNextGen is impartial and designed to be accessible for the wider public. The Speaker does not associate with any political party or other political organisation and remains completely impartial.

We've been featured by the BBC, That's TV and the UK's No.1 Education Blog - Teacher Toolkit.

The Speaker has been visited by users in over 130 countries, meaning your company/brand will be seen not only in the UK but also in many more countries across the globe.



To sponsor #InspireNextGen and promote your brand to our global audience, email us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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