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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 23:41
UK Parliament

Chris Grayling quits as member of Intelligence and Security Committee

Chris Grayling has resigned as a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), six weeks after he failed to become the chair of the Parliamentary watchdog.

Mr Grayling was 10 Downing Street’s pick for the job, with it alleged alleged that Downing Street had wanted to install Grayling as chair of the committee in order to prevent the release of the Russia Report.

However, Mr Grayling failed to become Chair, losing to Julian Lewis who was widely regarded as having much more experience in the areas worked on by the Committee. The government then removed the whip from Mr Lewis, meaning he no longer represents the Conservative Party.

Mr Grayling wrote to Mr Lewis in order to resign, with it understood that he had little interest in serving as a normal member of the Committee.

Grayling would have had little experience to prepare him for the role if he had been appointed as the ISC chair, with the role including receiving highly sensitive security briefings that the committee is regularly briefed on.

As well as having less experience in the field of work, Mr Grayling’s previous work in Government had not presented him as especially competent to take on a key role. Notably, during his time as Transport Secretary, Mr Grayling awarded a government contract to a ferry company which had no ferries.

Grayling’s resignation comes following the rising of Parliament from recess next week following the summer break.


Photo Credit: UK Parliament (CC BY 3.0)

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