The Speaker
Monday, 20 May 2024 – 22:30

Chief Brexit negotiator announces UK will have no access to EU security databases post-Brexit

Michel Barnier, top EU negotiator for Britain’s exit, has told Theresa May the country will not have access to European arrest warrants or Europol once they have left the union. In a speech in Vienna, Barnier clarified his decision by stating ‘the UK has decided to leave the EU, institutions, structures and safeguards’. His decision is conflicting with May’s push to keep access to security databases once Brexit is complete.

In a thinly-veiled dig to May, Barnier continued his speech by saying the EU refuses ‘to be drawn into this blame game’. Furthermore, he insisted cooperation ‘is made possible by trust between the member states’ and ‘there is no magic wand’ for this.

His speech has come during intense pressure from May and her cabinet to appease rebel pro-remain MPs. This week, the House of Lords passed through Dominic Grieve MP’s proposal for a “meaningful vote” on May’s exit plan. Her spokesperson has said they will refuse to accept a meaningful vote because ‘agreeing to amendable motions would allow parliament to direct government’.

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