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Sunday, 21 July 2024 – 08:49

‘Chequers has bounced’, says SNP chief Ian Blackford

SNP chief at Westminster vows to cause “maximum disruption” in Theresa May’s government to disrupt their Brexit strategy.

Ian Blackford gave a speech at the SNP conference in Glasgow where he made clear his intentions to stage more walkouts and protests in the Commons such as the protest in June which disrupted Prime Minister’s Questions.

After his speech, Speaker John Bercow ordered him to leave the chamber due to his behaviour. His leaving the chamber was followed by 35 SNP MPs who left the chamber after him.

During the conference speech, Blackford vowed:

“Let those in Westminster hear this. If contempt continues to be shown to the people of Scotland and our parliament, SNP MPs will not hesitate in causing maximum disruption to this Tory government’s agenda when and where Scotland needs us to.”

When he expressed his anger towards the government’s strategy for Brexit he said:

“The prime minister needs to accept that Chequers has bounced.”

 “The SNP will not cave to ultimatums from the prime minister. We will not follow the Tories through any lobby that leads to economic destruction for citizens across Scotland and the UK.

Blackford also mentioned that his party would vote against any Brexit proposals which remove them from the single market and customs union.

“The people of Scotland didn’t vote for this Tory government, they didn’t vote to have a referendum on leaving the EU, they didn’t vote for Brexit, they didn’t vote for a hard Brexit and they certainly didn’t vote to come crashing out of the EU with no deal.”

He added:

“People in Scotland are sick of the Tory government telling them what to do. And yet the prime minister thinks she can dish out threats – it is her way or the highway. And expects us to write her a blank cheque for a blind Brexit. Well I have a message for the prime minister, we are not the Labour Party, the SNP will not be threatened by a Tory government so incapable of governing their own political party – never mind governing the country. We will not dance to her tune.”

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