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Saturday, 18 May 2024 – 11:11

Chancellor unveils Brexit coins as 3 million due to enter circulation

Around three million coins commemorating the UK’s departure from the EU will enter circulation on Friday.

The 50p coins will bear the inscription “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” and the date of 31 January 2020 when the UK will leave the European Union. The Chancellor Sajid Javid unveiled the coins saying “Leaving the European Union is a turning point in our history and this coin marks the beginning of this new chapter.”

It is believed that Mr Javid had previously ordered the production of coins ready for 31 October, however, the Brexit delay led to about a million coins being melted down.

The new coins are set to be put into circulation across the UK, and the Royal Mint is due to open its doors for the launch of the coins. However, some prominent remainers have vowed never to use the 50p coins and ask for alternatives instead. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor tweeted  ‘I for one shall be asking shopkeepers for “two 20p pieces and a 10” if they offer me a 50p coin pretending that Brexit is about “peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” given it puts all three at risk.’ 

The EU Withdrawal Agreement was signed this week – the European Parliament is expected to approve it on Friday, paving the way for the UK to leave the EU on Friday, January 31.


Photo Credit: DAMS Library via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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