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Briefing Thursday 11th October

The US stock market has unexpectedly plunged, with the Dow Jones suffering one of the biggest single-day points drops in history. Although the exact trigger of the massive sell-off is unclear, it is thought to simply be a bad day in trading following the market hitting new heights last week. The Dow dropped by around 3.15% whilst other major US stock markets also plummeted.

Hurricane Michael has made landfall in Florida with it being declared as the worst in history. The storm, a category 4, had wind speeds of around 175mph as it made landfall and scientists are warning of a potential 6-foot storm surge. Florida, Alabama and Georgia have declared states of emergency with hundreds of thousands of people evacuating.

Michel Barnier has laid out the EU’s problems with Theresa May’s chequers proposal, claiming in a speech in Brussels that it would give the UK a huge competitive advantage. Barnier has also outlined issues with Ireland remaining in the single market and Northern Ireland being given special status within the UK as a result. He claimed that customs checks will have to be in place between Ireland and the UK.

And in other news,

Japan has now got the worlds most powerful passport. According to the Henley Passport Index, the Japanese passport grant the most freedom whilst travelling, allowing its holders the most visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel of any nation. Such access can be granted to 190 countries in the world should you hold a Japanese passport. Singapore ranks second with access to 189; Germany, France and South Korea all rank third on 188.

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