Thursday, 30 June 2022 – 17:55

Briefing Monday 12th November

An investigation into the recent scandal in Australia that saw needles placed in fruits, mostly strawberries, has resulted in a 50-year-old woman arrested. The woman, from Queensland, is believed to be the first person to have placed needles in the fruit before a series of copycat incidents across the entire nation.

Both the Gubernatorial and Senate races in Florida have been ordered to undertake a recount. Both races have now fallen within a 0.5% margin, legally qualifying them for a recount. Donald Trump has accused the Democratic party of trying to steal the election, suggesting that votes were being ‘found’, though provided no evidence – the reason for the increasingly narrow margin is the slow counting of votes in some rural democratic leaning counties.

An Ebola outbreak in DR Congo has resulted in 200 deaths. The disease has claimed many lives in recent years following outbreaks across the continent of Africa. The majority of these latest victims came from the city of Beni, with medical teams currently working to vaccinate people in the area.

And in other news,

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex travelled to Australia last month, support for becoming a republic is at a 25-year low. The current Labor party leader, Bill Shorten, promised a referendum on the issue should he win next years general election, but since the royals toured the nation and surrounding region last month for the opening of the Invictus games, there is a renewed support for the current system.

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