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Wednesday, 17 July 2024 – 19:33

Briefing Wednesday 8th August

UKIP has suspended three of its party members after storming a socialist bookstore in London and vandalising their property. The group of demonstrators had allegedly intimidated staff members and customers at Bookmarks in Bloomsbury, central London. The protesters, including well known far-right activist Luke Nash-Jones, used abusive language and tore up display items in the shop. Video footage of the demonstration revealed the group chanting in support of the far-right founder of the English Defence League who was recently discharged from prison. 

Boris Johnson has refused to apologise for comments in a newspaper column, which have been considered Islamophobic. He compared women in Burkas to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”, however, has claimed those calling for an apology are infringing upon free speech. Johnson has continued to appeal to the far-right ever since news emerged in recent weeks that he has been meeting Trump’s former campaign manager.

Tesla’s stock has jumped more than 7% after owner Elon Musk tweeted that he may take the corporation private. Musk tweeted ‘am consider taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.’ Tesla was trading at $360 and a huge spike in stock price occurred after the tweet. This is highly irregular as companies usually stop trading before such announcements to prevent price spikes. If Musk is found to have announced this to inflate the stock price he may be guilty of fraud.

And in other news,

Young people across Scotland have received their exam results which would potentially determine their futures. With many people not receiving the results they had hoped for, students worried that, at this moment in their lives, this may be a major issue for them. On Twitter, many people have been taking to the social media site to share their experiences after school. They highlighted what they did with their lives regardless of their exam results under the #NoWrongPath hashtag. This hashtag has not only spread across Scotland but the rest of the UK too. 

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