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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 07:24

Briefing Wednesday 31st October

Donald Trump has visited Pittsburgh, the city where 11 Jews were murdered this week. However, far from comforting a community in pain, Donald Trump was met with protest and vitriol as his anti-Semitic and violent rhetoric is blamed by many for the recent attacks in America. The Pittsburgh shooting, the murder of two elderly African Americans and string of pipe bombs have all been cited as a direct result of Trump’s rhetoric.

Denmark have accused Iran of a plot to assassinate three Iranian exiles currently living on Danish soil. On October 21st, a Norwegian-Iranian man was arrested for spying and accused of plotting an attack on these individuals; with his arrest coming as part of the largest anti-terrorism operations in Danish history.

Donald Trump has threatened to end birthright citizenship after his hateful rhetoric towards what he calls anchor-babies continues. Trump has suggested he would do this through an executive order, however, as it is guaranteed in the constitution, Trump does not have the power. It is almost certainly a talking point to bring out the vote for next Tuesday’s mid-term elections. This comes after Trump promised a middle-income tax cut before the mid-terms, something that cannot be done as Congress is not in session.

And in other news,

Kanye West has announced that he is retiring from politics. Weeks after the rapper met with President Donald Trump in the White House, Kanye, or Ye, as he now wishes to be known, stated that he had been used and will instead focus his attention on ‘being creative’. This comes just days after encouraging black people not to vote democratic in the mid-terms, as he believes the Republicans better serve black people.

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