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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 19:00

Briefing Wednesday 15th August

A Grand Jury report has revealed that over 300 priests in Pennsylvania have committed sexual abuse, affecting over 1,000 children. The report said that the church had ‘brushed aside’ the victims in order to protect the abusers and the churches’ reputations. Many of the priests were named in the document, however, some were redacted after claims that revealing their identity could violate their rights.

Donald Trump’s feud with Omarosa Manigault-Newman continues to rage on. Trump tweeted that she was a ‘crazed, crying lowlife’ after his former aide released a book and tapes that cast the White House in damnation. The book reveals that Mr Trump used the n-word and that many of his aides attempted to ‘spin’ the revelations to avoid fallout.

Investigations into yesterday morning’s terror attack in London have been continuing. Although the suspect’s name is yet to be released the police have carried out raids in the Midlands area. It is believed the 29-year old suspect is from the Hall Green area of Birmingham. Three people were injured in the attack, but all have since been treated and allowed home.

And in other news,

Barnsley Football Club have reached out to a fan after they discovered he was battling with anxiety and depression. The club sent a letter to Chris Ryder thanking him for supporting the club for years and in return offered support to Chris if he ever needed it. They also passed on the details for mental health charity MIND, a charity supported by the Football League. Chris said of Barnsley ‘they are the best club in the world’, and after this gesture, it is hard to disagree.

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