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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 22:45

Briefing Wednesday 12th September

Michel Barnier has scolded the government over its no-deal preparation. The EU’s Chief Negotiator confronted Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab over letters sent to the 27 member countries asking them to consider ‘side deals’ with the UK. This letter was meant to forge a transition arrangement should the UK crash out with a deal, however, Brussels claim that it undercuts the bloc.

Saudi Arabia has arrested an Egyptian man for eating breakfast with a woman. The man posted an ‘offensive’ video online in which the woman appears to feed the man a crisp. Under Sharia law men and women are required to be separate from one another unless married or related. The man could face up to five years in jail and the woman is also being questioned by Saudi police.

Hurricane Florence – the most dangerous storm to threaten the Carolinas in decades – is gaining in strength as it bears down on the American East Coast. Officials have warned of ‘life-threatening’ water level rises in the next 48 hours, with Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and the Carolinas declaring states of emergency. Many people have evacuated the vicinity of the storm and many still in the area are encouraged to do so.

And in other news,

The Irwin’s are set to return to our television screens with a brand-new show. Bindi, Robert and Terri will be hitting our screens on October 28th with their new show ‘Crikey, It’s The Irwins’. Look out for them on Animal Planet as the family continue the great conservation work of the late Steve Irwin.

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