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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 20:40

Briefing Wednesday 10th October

Nikki Haley is leaving Donald Trump’s administration. The United States Ambassador to the UN has announced that she will step down in the coming months to have some time off. Her successor is yet to be announced and it is unclear as to when she will officially leave the administration.

Virgin Galactic is set to launch within weeks according to the company owner Richard Branson. The original plan was for the programme to have its maiden flight in a few months but the schedule seems to have been brought forward. Branson has announced that he himself will fly on the Virgin Galactic programme in the next few months before it is opened for commercial passengers.

The real identity of the second suspect in the Sergey Skipral poisoning has been revealed. Alexander Mishkin, a doctor, has been unveiled by investigative website Bellingcat as the real identity of the second perpetrator of the poisoning that left Sergey Skipral and his daughter in hospital for several weeks last winter.

And in other news,

Australian’s have been left livid after a horse racing event was advertised on the side of the Sydney Opera House. The side of the famous landmark was covered with projections for the Everest Cup, with many hundreds of thousands of Australians signing a petition for the display to be cancelled, with many thousands more protesting outside the venue on Tuesday night.

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