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Saturday, 20 July 2024 – 08:24

Briefing Tuesday 6th November

America goes to the polls today in the mid-term elections. All 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for election, as well as one-third of the Senate and many gubernatorial races across the country. Many pollsters are predicting the Democrats to make gains, projected to pick up the house, whilst the Senate is likely to remain in Republican hands.

Networks across America, including Fox News and other conservative-republican-leaning outlets, have refused to air a Donald Trump ad for being racist. The ad features an illegal immigrant who killed two California police officers in 2014 before the camera pans to him promising to kill more cops. It then claims that ‘Democrats let him stay’.

The United States have completed their withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal with a significant ramping up of sanctions. The nuclear deal was negotiated by the Obama administration, largely led by John Kerry; preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapons programme. The completion of this withdrawal is likely to significantly ramp up tensions between the US and Iran which have been worsening since Trump took office.

And in other news,

The Spice Girls are reuniting after more than two decades. The popular girl group are set to begin a new tour in 2019, however, one notable member will be absent. Victoria Beckham (posh spice) is not linking up with the group, evoking mixed reactions from fans. Some have stated that the tour won’t be complete without her, however, this has been met by equal amounts of indifference to a member that many saw as less significant within the group.

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