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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 18:14

Briefing Tuesday 4th September

Confirmation hearings for Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are set to begin today. The Senate will hold a series of hearings to assess Kavanaugh’s suitability for office if confirmed he will be appointed to the Supreme Court for life. Many Democrats had been hoping to delay the hearings until after the mid-terms due to several Trump’s associates being convicted in recent weeks.

Two women in Malaysia have been caned for engaging in lesbian sex. The sentence was carried out yesterday in front of 100 witnesses. Malaysia has a dual law system with these women being sentenced under for Sharia law for attempting to engage in sex in a car. This is the first such conviction to be carried out in the country.

There is a growing belief that US embassy workers who fell ill in Cuba and China were subjected to microwave weapons attacks. Embassy staff in Cuba first reported strange sounds and illness in late 2016, with a similar incident occurring in China. The US withdrew many of its staff and also expelled a number of diplomats.

And in other news,

It’s all over for the PlayStation 2. The highest selling console of all time has had its repair services removed by Sony after 18 years.  The move has been met with sadness by video game fans, who have described the console as officially dead now that Sony has withdrawn its servicing support.

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