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Friday, 24 May 2024 – 23:16

Briefing Tuesday 31st July

Parliament may have broken for summer, but that does not mean that the Prime Minister’s Brexit woes are over. In recent weeks, two key campaigns have bolstered support for a second referendum, undermining the Prime Minister’s position. A poll published by Sky News stated that the government is ‘haemorrhaging trust’ regarding Brexit and that there has been a ‘significant increase’ in the proportion who think Brexit will negatively affect ‘themselves, the economy and the country overall’. Furthermore, a majority of Brits surveyed said that they wanted a second referendum. The bad news for the PM is compounded by her dismally high disapproval rating of 74% according to Ipsos MORI.

The UK’s Supreme Court has given legal permission to those in a permanently vegetative state to withdraw treatment. Permission is no longer needed to withdraw food and liquid for patients in agonising vegetative states who want to end their lives. Previously, legal applications had to be made by doctors to the Court of Protection in order to safeguard them from legal issues, even when families of the patient had agreed that it would be best to withdraw life support.

Despite recent threats from Donald Trump, the US President has offered to meet his Iranian counterpart ‘any time they want’. This comes just a week after he threatened Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Twitter, suggesting that Iran would face ‘consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered’. The also follows recent speculation out of Australia that America had been planning on bombing Iran as early as next month.

And in other news,

A Democratic party candidate in the House of Representatives election in Virginia has accused his Republican opponent of being a ‘devotee of Bigfoot erotica’. Leslie Cockburn accused his opponent Denver Riggleman of being a devotee to Bigfoot erotica following the Republican candidate having published a book called ‘The Mating Habits Of Bigfoot And Why Women Never Want Him’. Along with his ties to Bigfoot, Riggleman has been accused of campaigning with a white supremacist, only adding to the controversy surrounding the race in Virginia’s 5th district.

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