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Wednesday, 24 July 2024 – 23:35

Briefing Tuesday 30th October

Donald Trump has sent 5,200 troops to the Mexican border to confront the migrant caravan currently making its way through Central America. This is an increase from the 800 that Trump originally planned on sending, with the current troop levels set to outnumber the migrants 2-1.

The 2018 budget has created excitement and disappointment in equal measure. Phillip Hammond announced that ‘the era of austerity is finally coming to an end’, echoing Theresa May’s CPC speech last month. However, critics have noted the fact Hammond focused little on Brexit and made no mention of climate change, two of the biggest issues currently facing Britain.

Angela Merkel is standing down as the German chancellor in 2021. Following several poor election results for her CDU party, Merkel – who has been in power since 2005 – has announced she will step down. A leadership battle is now set to take place in the coming months and it is likely that Merkel will be forced out before the end of her term in 2021.

And in other news,

A footballer in the Chilean Primera Division celebrated a goal by proposing to his girlfriend. After scoring to put his side Antofagasta 1 – 0 up against Everton, Eduardo Bello ran to the stands and presented his girlfriend with a ring. Bello’s girlfriend said yes.

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