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Sunday, 19 May 2024 – 17:58

Briefing Tuesday 14th August

Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal refuses to go away with leader Jeremy Corbyn being criticised by many including the Israeli Prime Minister for allegedly honouring the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich Terror attack. Mr Corbyn was photographed laying a wreath for the perpetrators of the attack at a 2014 ceremony, which Mr Corbyn claims was part of a wider conference for peace. Corbyn insists that open dialogue is the best way to promote peace and this latest revelation is simply an example of that.

It has emerged that Google record your movement even when your location history is turned off. An Associated Press investigation has revealed that Google devices still store location data after opting out of the ‘location history’ setting. Google state that this can be avoided by simply turning off another service called ‘Web and App activity’ and that there is no attempt to mislead the public.

The UK government has revealed its plan to tackle homelessness with a £100m strategy. The government plans to offer support those who are addicts and have mental health issues in order to “turn their lives around”. Housing Secretary James Brokenshire has stated that he is determined to tackle this issue and make it a “thing of the past” by the year 2027. Labour have responded by stating that they would eradicate the issue in their first term.

And in other news,

Melbourne is no longer the worlds most liveable city. After 7 years at the top, Melbourne has been beaten by Vienna to the title of the world’s most liveable city. Both Melbourne and Vienna scored perfectly in healthcare, education and infrastructure gaining 100 out of a possible 100. Manchester achieved 35th in the ranking, beating out London who secured 48th position.

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