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Thursday, 18 July 2024 – 18:08

Briefing Thursday 30th August

Argentina have asked the IMF for an emergency loan due to a mounting economic crisis. The Argentinian pesos has lost 40% of its value in the last year and inflation is soaring in the country. The IMF have agreed to pay a $50 billion loan to the south American nation on the condition that they reduce public spending.

Alex Salmond has resigned from the Scottish National Party following allegations of sexual misconduct. Two former members of his staff have alleged that the sexual misconduct took place whilst Salmond was first minister and at the official first minister’s residence at Bute House, Edinburgh. He has denied the allegations.

The UK have moved to calm the ongoing Scallop row. The UK government are reportedly holding talks with French authorities to avoid clashes overfishing off the north coast of France. This comes after reports that around 40 French vessels confronted British fishermen and threw stones and other projectiles to stop them from ‘overfishing’ in French waters. The British fisherman have claimed they had a right to fish the waters and were not depleting scallop numbers in the region.

And in other news,

A New Zealand village wants to outlaw cats. Omaui, a small village on the South Coast of New Zealand has proposed the radical step of banning all domestic cats in order to preserve domestic wildlife. Anyone who owns a cat in the village must have it neutered and microchipped and will be banned from purchasing a new cat if their pet dies. It is unclear as to whether this prohibition will lead to a black market for pets in the village.

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