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Wednesday, 29 May 2024 – 21:25

Briefing Thursday 16th August

Rail fares are expected to rise by approximately 3.2% in January 2019. According to the Retail Price Index inflation measure, this rise in prices could add around £100 to yearly season ticket prices. Chris Grayling, Transport Secretary, has made way for a smaller annual rail fare increase by basing the price on the lower Consumer Prices Index as opposed to the higher Retail Prices Index. However, this could only happen if unions agree that the same measure be applied to staff pay. 

Suspect in Tuesday mornings attempted terror attack in Westminster has been named as Salih Khater. The man believed to be from the Birmingham area is still said to be uncooperative with police efforts. Nobody was killed during the attack on Tuesday morning and the three injured pedestrians have been allowed home. It is still unclear as to what the suspect’s motives were.

New Zealand has banned the sale of homes to foreigners. The move has been taken after New Zealand has been used as a second or third home destination by wealthy individuals, driving up house prices to unaffordable rates. This ban will not apply to Australian or Singaporean people looking to buy property, whilst new apartment developments are also set to be exempt.

And in other news,

Londoners have been attempting to find a job for a refugee rocket scientist who has been handing out his CV on the street. Recent University College London graduate Mohamed has been looking for a job in finance and has positioned himself with a sign in the middle of Canary Wharf. People have been sharing images of Mohamed, who has two degrees in space engineering, in an attempt to find him work.

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