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Monday, 20 May 2024 – 22:21

Briefing Sunday 21st October

Afghanistan has been heading to the polls despite a string of violent attacks. Reports have suggested more than 200 separate incidents have occurred across the country, including suicide bombings and IED’s. Both ISIS and the Taliban have vowed to disrupt the elections and refuse to recognise them as legitimate.

Yesterday’s peoples vote march resulted in thousands of Britons calling for a final vote on the terms of the Brexit deal to march through the streets of London. Over 600,000 people are believed to have attended, with many celebrities and politicians joining the event and making speeches to the crowds.

A suspected gas explosion in London has left one person unaccounted for. The blast, which occurred in Harrow destroyed the first floor flat in which the blast is believed to have originated. A man, woman and baby have all been rescued but one person remains unaccounted for.

And in other news,

Amy Schumer has become the latest celebrity to snub the NFL in support of Colin Kaepernick. The actress and comedian have stated she will not appear in any super bowl adverts in protest at the treatment of Kaepernick. This comes days after Rihanna supposedly turned down the halftime show in support of the NFL star.

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