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Sunday, 10 December 2023 – 19:38

Briefing Sunday 14th October

A US pastor who has been released from a Turkish jail after two years has met President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Andrew Bunson, who has been under house arrest for two years returned to the US yesterday. Donald Trump stated that there was no deal to bring Bunson home, with the president posting ‘NO DEAL’ on twitter.

Florida has been left devastated following Hurricane Michael. The official death toll currently stands at 18 but is expected to rise significantly over the weekend. FEMA has warned that they are yet to access some of the worst impacted regions. The category 4 hurricane made landfall near Mexico Beach with wind speeds of around 155 mph.

Melania Trump has stated that she does, in fact, love her husband. During an interview with ABC she stated that ‘yes, we are fine’, when asked if she loves her husband. She also claimed that media speculation around her marriage is not pleasant. When pressed about her husbands’ affairs, Melania suggested that they were not her concern or focus.

And in other news,

Iron Fist has been axed by Netflix after just two seasons, making it the first Marvel series to be axed prematurely. Fans were expecting a third season, leaving many disappointed. However, many are unsurprised following an extremely disappointing season two.

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