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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 06:05

Briefing Sunday 12th August

Rail company Northern has cancelled around 80 Sunday service trains in a move that has left customers in the north-west of England livid. The company’s actions have been branded as ‘outrageous’, with Northern blaming the cancellations on crew scheduling issues.

The government are said to be considering a ‘dangerous cycling’ proposal that could result in cyclists being prosecuted for killing pedestrians as a result of reckless cycling. The Department for Transport are set to undertake a 12-week consultation as to whether this new charge should be introduced. However, despite popular support, many cycling groups say it is not enough to fix a system that is currently broken.

A new polling analysis has suggested that over 100 Westminster constituencies that voted leave in the 2016 election would now have switched to remain. An analysis of polling has suggested that seats including Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge and Michael Gove’s Surrey Heath constituencies would now vote remain. This polling raises fresh questions about whether the UK should have a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit agreement before we leave in March 2019.

And in other news,

It may only be the opening weekend, but the Premier League has thrown up plenty of controversies, with many calls for greater integration of video technology. Goal line technology ensured that Jan Vertonghen’s header for Tottenham was allowed, after the ball crossed the line by just 0.9 millimetres, however, Fulham fans were left pining for Video Assistant Referees to be introduced after referee Mike Dean failed to award the side a penalty when Andre Schurrle was brought down in the box.

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