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Sunday, 21 July 2024 – 07:44

Briefing Sunday 11th November

Brutal wildfires in California have now killed 25. There are currently two fires raging across the state, one in the north and one near Los Angeles in the south of the state. The southern fire has impacted many celebrities, with the Kardashians and Smiths being amongst those evacuating the area.

Last week’s Google employee walkout has garnered a response from the technology giants with many of the employee’s demands being met. The company are set to publish an internal sexual harassment report, whilst developing a new policy for reporting and dealing with harassment claims.

Donald Trump has landed himself in hot water once again by opting to stay in his hotel room during WW1 commemorations. The reason for the president’s absence has been cited as the weather, not wishing to attend the ceremony during the rain, drawing criticism from everywhere, including Canadian President Justin Trudeau, who cited the rain during a commemorative speech.

And in other news,

Leicester City fans have marched through the city in remembrance of their late owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. The march, dubbed the 5000-1 march, in reference to the clubs famously long odds title win in 2016, was attended by thousands of supporters, along with a number of Leicester City players.

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