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Monday, 24 June 2024 – 06:51

Briefing Saturday 4th August

Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has warned that the possibility of a no-deal Brexit is “uncomfortably high” and that it would have far-reaching implications on Britain’s financial system and economy. Carney told the BBC: “We have made sure that banks have the capital, the liquidity that they need and we have the contingency plans in place… There is a very broad range of potential outcomes to these Brexit negotiations and we are entering a crucial phase.”

According to the Guardian newspaper, US counter-intelligence have uncovered a Russian spy working in America’s Moscow embassy. The suspect is believed to be a Russian national who worked at the embassy for over a decade. The spy would have had access to significant sensitive information and reportedly held regular meetings with the FSB, Russia’s intelligence service.

Following on from yesterday’s story on Apple, Amazon have released their tax figures for the last year and have paid even less than the previous year. Despite profits rising from £48 million in 2016 to £80 million in 2017, Amazon paid just £4.6 million in corporation tax, a decrease from the £7.4 million in 2016. This comes just weeks after Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ net worth topped the $100 billion to claim the top spot on Forbes’ billionaire’s list.

And in other news,

New film Christopher Robin will not get a Chinese release date due to a crackdown on Winnie the Pooh. After a resemblance was spotted between the children’s character and the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, many activists created memes to mock the leader. This has lead to a crackdown by the Chinese leader, who has recently become ruler for life in China.

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