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Friday, 12 April 2024 – 14:47

Briefing Monday 5th November

Storms in Italy have left 17 people dead, 9 of whom were in the same family. Days of heavy rain in the north and west of the nation has caused significant flooding throughout the country with six regions remaining under alert for worsening conditions.

New Caledonia, a colonial territory of France in the Pacific, has rejected independence in a referendum. Placed north-west of Australia, New Caledonia has been a French territory since 1853 and has a strong French nationalist population. 59.5% of citizens who voted decided to reject independence.

A Japanese island has vanished with authorities now searching for where it went. The Japanese coast guard is planning a search mission after the uninhabited island simply disappeared from the nations north coast. It is believed that the island simply eroded away and fell below the waves, vanishing completely unnoticed by a nearby village.

And in other news,

Around 10,000 small torches have been lit around the Tower of London to commemorate the end of WW1. A ceremony lighting the torches will take place every night in the lead up to November 11th to commemorate fallen soldiers and their families.

From the Speakerpolitics news desk, you are up to date.

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