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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 21:40

Briefing Friday 5th October

Nepal’s government have announced a ban on online pornography in an attempt to combat sexual violence. Nepal has been reeling from the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl back in July and this move is largely motivated by that incident. Critics have claimed this is simply scapegoating and avoiding the social causes of sexual violence, given that only 60% of the Nepalese population have internet access.

The FBI’s ‘report’ on Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assault has divided the few people who have read it. Republicans have claimed that there is nothing we don’t already know in the report, whilst Democrats have criticised the scope of the investigation. The FBI report failed to interview either the accuser or the accused, whilst its limited time frame and access have meant it was largely unable to cover much significant ground.

International pressure has continued to mount on Russian President Vladimir Putin following reports that Russia attempted to hack into a Netherlands chemical weapons watchdog.  The Netherlands have confirmed that they expelled several Russian diplomats for an attempted hacking into a chemical weapons watchdog in the Hague. This comes just days after Britain accused Russia’s GRU intelligence service of conducting serious cyber-attacks.

And in other news,

Arsenal midfielder Henrik Mkhitaryan was forced to sit out last night’s Europa League victory due to a 25-year-old conflict. The Armenian footballer was not able to travel with the rest of the Arsenal squad to Azerbaijan’s FK Qarabag due to the geopolitical dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan resulting in the player having security concerns. His teammates were able to return to London with all three points after defeating Qarabag 3-0.

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