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Thursday, 13 June 2024 – 08:36

Briefing Friday 2nd November

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged European’s to resist a wave of populism which he compared to the 1920s and 30s. Specifically, Macron warned against fascism, however, given Macron’s rise to power, pitching himself as an independent who would be the saviour from France’s woes, perhaps these comments bare a hint of hypocrisy.

Tracey Crouch, the junior minister for Media, Culture and Sport has resigned from her position. This comes after Phillip Hammond announced that the capping of maximum stakes in fixed odds betting to £2 would not be enforced until later next year. Crouch had hoped the limit would be in place by April and the delay forced her to resign as a matter of principle.

Google staff walked out yesterday over disputes related to sex discrimination at the company. The international walkout was an unprecedented measure that aimed to highlight sexual harassment, misconduct and a toxic workplace culture that Google has not taken seriously. This comes after news broke recently that several Google bosses who had been accused of sexual harassment remained on the pay role – often after being let go by the company.

And in other news,

American gymnast Simone Biles has become the first woman to win four all-around titles. Biles claimed an impressive fourth title despite two falls and a floor routine which saw her step out of bounds. Biles is now second in the all-time medals table and still has plenty of time left to go in her career.

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