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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 06:38

Briefing Friday 16th October

Google paid a $90 million severance package to the creator of the Android operating system, despite asking him to resign following sexual assault allegations. Andy Rubin, who developed the Android operating system, was asked to resign in 2014 for allegations that Google deemed credible. This comes after news that Google have continued to pay three senior employees despite similar allegations, one of whom remains at the company.

Donald Trump has announced that he will send the US military to confront the migrant caravan making its way to the United States. Around 800 troops are expected to be sent to the border, even though the walking migrants are not expected to reach the border for two months. The caravan is made up of people fleeing poverty and gang violence in South America and wish to be processed by US border security on arrival.

Sir Phillip Green has been named in parliament as the businessmen behind sexual assault allegations that the courts prevented the telegraph from publishing. The owner of Topshop was accused of sexual harassment and racist abuse by the Telegraph, who were prevented from running the story about the billionaire due to a court injunction. Labour Peer Peter Hain named Green in the House of Lords.

And in other news,

A portrait painted by Artificial Intelligence has sold at auction for nearly half a million dollars. Auction house Christie’s sold the first piece of AI art for a staggering $432,500, which was created by an algorithm trained for historical portraits. The portrait was of Edward Bellamy, a late 18th-century writer, and was only expected to sell for around $10,000.

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