The Speaker
Tuesday, 18 June 2024 – 15:38

Brexit transition deadline may be extended

Many Brexiteer MPs have been left angry as the idea has been floated that the EU transition deal may extend beyond 2021.

After a summit with EU leaders failed to produce any progress the government refused to rule out the idea.

This could allow more time to sort out the border situation in Ireland, which is still proving to be a sticking point in discussions.

This is likely to cause significant issues amongst most Brexit supporters, with the UK likely having to contribute many millions more to the EU budget during this transition period.

Theresa May has urged her EU counterparts to soften their position to strike a suitable EU deal.

The sides have agreed to continue negotiating, however, it is not known if there is any timescale for when a final deal is likely to be struck, especially given the complex nature of the Northern Ireland border.

Before meeting with European leaders May met with her cabinet to gain their support over her backstop proposal that will keep the while of the UK within the customs union until a suitable agreement to the border situation can be agreed.

The EU supposedly prefer just Northern Ireland remaining in the customs union in the interim, but May is against the idea, as it creates a separation between Britain and Northern Ireland.

Currently, the transition deal is set to run until 2020, but the latest rumours suggest that this will be extended by another year, as a suitable deal is proving difficult to strike.

The UK parliament would have to agree to an extension, however, May is struggling to gain support and it is unclear whether this would pass through the house.

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