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Saturday, 20 July 2024 – 07:12

Brexit: Theresa May says EU will not offer ‘better deal’ if agreement rejected

The prime minister stated the UK should not hope for a ‘better deal’ from the EU if MPs reject her Brexit agreement.

Yesterday, Theresa May told a BBC phone-in that there would just be “more division and uncertainty” if parliament voted against the agreement next month.

Ms May made it clear that the draft deal with the European Union could not be rewritten with fresh concessions despite opposition from 80 MPs within her own party – from both the Leave and Remainer camps – who have vowed to vote against the divorce agreement.

The prime minister told BBC’s Radio 4 Today’s programme: “If we were to go back to the European Union and say, ‘People didn’t like that deal can we have another?’, I don’t think they’re going to come to us and say, ‘We will give you a better deal’.

“This isn’t about me… I am focused on ensuring we get this deal,” she said, adding she would be touring ‘up and down’ the country to explain the complex agreement to the British public.

Although, May declined to say whether the UK would be better off outside of the EU, saying it would only be ‘different’.

A summit of EU leaders to sign of the deal will go ahead on Sunday despite ‘unresolved’ issues over Gibraltar.

Spain is seeking written assurances from the UK that it will be clearly consulted over its future trade negotiations with the EU which relate to Gibraltar, a British overseas territory.

 It’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez has said he won’t decide whether to attend Sunday’s summit until these are provided.

“If this deal does not go through, we are back at square one. What we end up with is more division and more uncertainty.” Theresa May, who voted to stay in the EU during the 2016 referendum, added.

She also dismissed calls for a second vote but refused to comment on whether her deal was preferable to remaining in the bloc. Instead, she said Britain could build a “better future” for itself outside the EU.

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